Travel Experience in the Middle Ages and Story Maps

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Current developments in the digital humanities have revealed the importance of digital technologies in higher education. The Esri Story Maps App is a part of Geographical Information Systems designed for delivering compelling stories on various topics combined with digital, interactive maps. The author of this presentation is in the early stage of work on a textbook named "TRAVEL EXPERIENCE IN THE MIDDLE AGES AND STORY MAPS" for history students. Various historical sources, such as ruler's charters, itineraries, travel logs, narrative sources (historical texts, hagiographies), and archive data, transmit multicultural travel experiences related to South-East Europe. Together, they convey critical information on political, military events, and past cultural settings. The textbook will utilize Story Maps' power, creating a synergy of digital and hard copy material for the online and classical teaching process and demonstrating the nature and usefulness of the data mentioned above for historical research. During the Eurogeo conference, we will inform the audience of the project's aims, which include the historical methodology, pedagogical, and technical aspects behind its realization.

Vladimir Aleksić University of Niš, Serbia