Geography: Origin of the Complexity of The Food System

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Geography imposes its barriers. These barriers have hindered and limited the movement of people. They enclose it in an environment with availability and defined characteristics. In this environment you must survive by creating your own food system. Transportation techniques have advanced slowly and have facilitated exchanges between populations. Some of these exchanges have been fundamental in the aspects of food. Globalization and the added effects of climate change have increased migration. New cultural food systems have proliferated in large cities, seeking a balance between purchasing power and satisfaction, which will coexist in certain cases with genuine aspects of traditional food identity.

Yvonne Colomer Xena Triptolemos, UNESCO-UNED-Fundación Triptolemos Fundation

Rosa María Martín Aranda vicerrector of Research, UNED

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17 abr. 2021
17 abr. 2021