SDGs in the Classroom: GIS Learning Resources and Data

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Our world suffers from serious problems-- environmental, social, economic-- that we need to work on together. The Sustainable Development Goals provide a convenient framework to organize some of the key problem descriptions and goals for improvement. But how can we make a concrete difference? Fortunately, GIS software has matured to a point that its use is easier than ever, it is more accessible in the form of WebGIS, and more geographic data is available than ever before. Multiple online resources are described, that are freely available to classrooms (primary schools to doctoral researchers) around the world, and which can be used to make SDGs less abstract and better connected to real problems that students understand and are interested to work on.

Michael Gould ESRI and Jaume I University.

Rafael de Miguel González presidente de la asociación de geógrafos europeos, EUROGEO

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17 abr. 2021
17 abr. 2021