GI-Pedagogy: Innovative Pedagogies for Teaching with Geoinformation

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The aim of this session is to present the initial findings from work undertaken as part of the Erasmus + GI-Pedagogy project, which is designed to bring Geographical Information Systems (GIS) into the classroom in innovative and effective ways. This has been done by presenting an academic review of existing pedagogies relating to GIS as well as suggesting new approaches for teaching and learning with Geoinformation. This, together with the results gained from a small-scale survey of experienced teachers from partner countries has been used to explore the pedagogical approaches being used in European Secondary schools to teach with GIS, to help to identify examples of best practice. The project aims to provide trainee and early career teachers, with the skills and resources they need to teach with GIS in an innovative and effective way. This presentation will review our initial findings and start to explore possible alternative pedagogical approaches for teaching with GIS. The aim is to develop a suitable framework and toolkit for teachers, together with the resources they need to confidently teach with GIS, and so embed its use in their school curricula. Delegates will be invited to suggest possible next steps for this work.

Michaela Linder-Fally vice-President of EUROGEO

Sophie Wilson Institute of Education, St Mary's University, Twickenham (UK)

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17 abr. 2021
17 abr. 2021