Open Educational Resources of Geography from the National Geographic Institute

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The National Geographic Institute website includes an area dedicated to the educational community called Educa IGN, containing more than 50 free and open resources to learn about geography, cartography and Earth sciences, in general. The resources are catalogued by recommended age, type of resource and subject, to facilitate their consultation. The resources are didactic materials, maps, videos and games, and they are recommended for different educational levels: Primary School, Secondary School, High School, University and degrees. In addition, the IGN and the CNIG have tools for creating, consulting and downloading online maps that can be used in the classroom to promote the use of ICT. In the workshop we will go through all the resources from a practical point of view. It is recommended to bring your own device.

Ana Velasco Tirado web Developer Manager, IGN-CNIG Spain

Celia Sevilla Sánchez head of International Projects, IGN-CNIG Spain

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17 abr. 2021
17 abr. 2021