SESSION 1. Best Practices in Digital Andragogy with Diverse Populations

-Hector Luis Diaz, PhD, New Mexico State University
-Anna Nelson, PhD, Candidate, New Mexico State University

TOPICS TO TALK ABOUT IN WORK SESSIONS: This symposium will address best practices in health and social services andragogy with diverse populations present in the southwestern region of the United States along the Mexico border. Presentations will revolve around the digital education of unique populations such as rural residents, Native Americans (including 23 tribes and pueblos), undocumented and international students, first-generation college attendees, and/or students impacted by poverty. New Mexico’s ethnic diversity includes approximately 47% Latinos, 38% White Americans, 12% Native Americans and 3% African Americans. Only 28% speak Spanish and 4% of state residents speak Navajo. Presentations will address how to use digital and online educational technologies to increase and enhance access to higher education in an educationally underserved region of the United States. Presenters will provide relational-cultural strategies for bridging the technological divide between mainstream and marginalized populations that honor students’ cultural identities, funds of knowledge, lived experiences and ways of knowing.

-Describe how to use digital and online technologies to increase and enhance access to higher education among marginalized populations.
-Identify culturally appropriate digital educational approaches.

RECEIVERS: We anticipate presentations on the use of teleconferencing, online courses, hybrid educational approaches, culturally appropriate andragogical methods and methods for student engagement.