Engagement and Learner Modelling in online Learning Environments. A user-centred and context-aware approach based on machine-learning

This work addresses issues involved in designing, modelling and evaluating online learning environments to increase learner engagement.
Engagement research uses educational data mining techniques to measure online behaviours and it also studies the extent to which these behaviours are
indicators of emotional and cognitive involvement. The main objective of this work is to set a comprehensive conceptual and operative framework to guide how to take into account engagement into the user model in order to improve learning experience through personalization. To this end it is proposed a usercentred design, a machine-learning based modelling and a context-aware feedback where long-life modelling issues are to be considered thus covering inter- and intra-subject use case scenarios. In this presentation, a review of the existing literature on learner engagement will be addressed with a focus on those factors that are suitable to incorporate into the modelling approach proposed, which will became operative in later stages including real-world case studies for its evaluation.

Concha Labra