The methodology applied to practice with visir: Practices structure based on Bloom-Anderson taxonomy

Throughout this video, the methodology applied to the making of the electric practices is described. The goal of this methodology is to help and assist students in the learning and acquisition of theoretical knowledge as well as to guide in the development of practical skills in the use of measurement devices.
An organizational thinking has been proposed by means of Bloom-Anderson evaluation taxonomy and it has been designed in this way because of the suitability for a young student to facilitate the method from acquiring abstract concepts to the use of conceptualization to evaluate and create new ways to make things. So, when introducing the methodology, a review of the stages involved in the methodology will be described. These stages have been divided in 3 levels, from Level 1 to Level 3, from the easiest concepts and deepening in electricity.

Manuel Blázquez Merino DIEEC - UNED Collaborator and secondary school teacher

Fran Alemán Columbrí realizador, UNED Media, UNED