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Social Networks topics


- Tamara Martín Wanton, An Unsupervised Transfer Learning Approach to Discover Topics for a Reputation ManagementSystem, NLP&IR Research Group, NLP&IR-UNED.

- Damiano Spina Valenti, UNED Online Reputation Monitoring Team at RepLab 2013, NLP&IR Research Group, NLP&IR-UNED.

- Ángel Castellanos, Topic detection in a stream of tweets: preliminary experiences in RepLab 2013. NLP&IR Research Group,NLP&IR-UNED.

- Ignacio Fernández, Modelling emotions with social tags, HTL&IR-UAM.

- Lisette García Moya, Statistical Approach for Retrieving Product Features and Opinions from Customer Reviews, UJI Castellón.

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